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Are you constantly searching to find YoUR place in oUR world?… Well are YoU???…Then you have come to the right SPoT! Here at SPoT oN be your own spot® we ENCoURAGE YoU to be who YoU are! No questions asked, we just want to help YoU find YoUR SPoT. It may only be for a moment or maybe it’s for a lifetime, but that doesn’t matter to us, we think every SPoT is worth embracing! So go ahead and find YoUR SPoT, everybody’s got one, where’s YoURS?

Really, it doesn’t matter where YoUR SPoT is, if it’s important to YoU then it’s important to us! We want to help you find YoUR SPoT and if you don’t see it here we’ll custom make it just for YoU… or YoUR business… or YoUR organization… or YoUR family reunion… or, well, YoU get the point, pretty much whatever YoU want!!


The Dog Lived (And So Will I) by Teresa Rhyne

In fall of 2012 a woman and her rescued Beagle touched my heart.  Teresa Rhyne, author of “The Dog Lived (and So Will I)” tells a very touching and inspirational story of their fight against cancer.  Just when Seamus, her beagle, was finished with his year long treatment of surgeries and chemotherapy and was declared cancer-free, Teresa herself, was diagnosed with breast cancer.  She chronicles both their journeys and their fight against the ‘big C’ with compassion, strength and humor.  Unfortunately, Seamus’s cancer returned in a new form and he lost his battle in March, 2013.  But because she shared their stories with all of us, Seamus will live on in our hearts forever.  So inspired was I after reading her memoir, and learning of his passing that Sydney and I decided to dedicate a Survivor SPoT t-shirt to Seamus in honor of all cancer survivors, because whether human or canine, YoU are Survivor SPoTs to us.  You must all read her inspirational story, “The Dog Lived (and So Will I)” because you too, will be encouraged to fight, laugh and maybe even share a piece of toast with your beloved dog.  Seamus, this one’s for YoU “AAaArrRrrrRROOOooooOooo!”

From the Author, Teresa Rhyne

Teresa & Seamus the Famous!

I’ve long admired the message and the art of Alicia’s “Be Your Own Spot” company. I’m thrilled she’s chosen to honor my beloved beagle Seamus on her “Survivor Spot” shirt, letting his memory endure and helping other dogs diagnosed with cancer by donating a part of the sale proceeds to The Riedel & Cody Fund. Seamus was an extraordinary dog who survived cancer eight years longer than his prognosis and inspired me throughout my own battle with breast cancer.  Now, through Survivor Spot, my diabolically cute “Seamus the Famous” can continue to inspire others. I’m very touched, and Seamus would give you a big “AARRRROOOOOOOOOOOOO.” Thank you, Alicia & Sydney!

Alicia and Teresa have teamed up with The Riedel & Cody Fund to make sure that all canine cancer patients have a chance at recovery by donating 20% of proceeds from our Survivor SPoT t-shirt directly to The Riedel & Cody Fund, so they can continue to fund  treatments for canine cancer patients and their families.  In doing so, we will help raise awareness about the 12 million dogs who are diagnosed with cancer each year.


Update!  We have donated $1000 to the Gladney Center’s Humanitarian Aid because YoU bought oUR ADOPT-A-SPoTs!  Thank YoU!! Read more here! We designed a CUSToM SPoT for the Gladney Center for Adoption located right here in Fort Worth, Texas!  I myself am a Gladney baby and very PRoUD of it!  Without Gladney I wouldn’t have been adopted by the GREATEST parents in all the WoRLD 42 years ago!  Unfortunately, my MoTHER passed away in 2001, but she always, always ENCoURAGED me to be ME!  Without her ENCoURAGEMENT I never would have thought of starting a business about being yourself and embracing who YoU are.  So it’s time for me to give back in MEMoRY of HER and an oRGANIZATIoN she LoVED! I believe anADOPT-A SPoT t-shirt could help make a difference one ADoPTIoN (and smile) at a time. oUR ADOPT-A-SPoT t-shirt is NoW available!  ALL PRoCEEDS from the sale of our ADOPT-A-SPoT t-shirt will go directly to the Gladney Center for Adoption!  The Gladney Center for Adoption and SPoT oN be your own spot® have teamed up on facebook to help raise awareness that it’s not only newborns, but children alike who need loving SPoTs.  So be sure to check us out and to learn more about adoption go to the Gladney Center for Adoption website.  Help us celebrate Gladney’s 125th Anniversary by purchasing YoURS today to help the little ones find their SPoT.

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